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Create a touring program that increases Sony’s brand reputation with NASCAR fans. Provide an additional platform for the marketing of Sony’s high-end electronics lines including, Wega, Digital Imaging, Camcorders, VAOI and Xplod.



Designed and constructed a technologically advanced, interactive touring attraction with high-impact graphics,  built-in multimedia activities such as the VAIO- powered Racestation, the Sony Wega Showcar, and the Digital Imaging Kiosk. Featured the innovative Double-Expando trailer to create a home theatre setting for Sony’s model lines.


Program Results:

Sony Tech Pit captured more than 1,200,000 visual impressions in its first year.

More than 3,200,000 fans were exposed to the Tech Pit at Winston Cup races.

Staffed and scheduled a tour of 20 Winston Cup races and 13 in-market retail stops.

Distributed approximately 30,000 photo diskettes as part of the Digital Imaging Interactive display.

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